Letting the cat out the bag: Stowaway pet makes international voyage

Thursday, 7th March 2013

Cats love to crawl into small spaces where they can curl up for a nap, but one Persian named Bisou got slightly more than she bargained for after nodding off inside her owner's bag, only to wake up 3,000 miles away.

The cat's owner, Mervat Ciuti, boarded a plane from Egypt to the UK without realising that Bisou was in her case, and was only alerted to the situation after touching down when relatives called her mobile to tell her.

Fortunately, the seven-year-old pet survived the plane journey and is now being looked after in quarantine at Calagran Kennels in Chesterfield.

Taking pets abroad, whether intentionally or not, is often a complicated and expensive process, usually requiring them to spend several months in quarantine.

As well as having to pay for all the relevant medications and vaccinations, pet owners should consider the effect the experience could have on their animal's wellbeing, and should only take them abroad if it is absolutely necessary.