Labrador saved from pyometra with operation and pet meds

Thursday, 14th June 2012

A lucky Labrador was saved with an emergency operation and pet meds after developing a serious condition called pyometra.

Gypsy the dog was taken to see vets at the PDSA after her owner Paula Edwards noticed that she was panting a lot, was shaking and seemed to be in pain.

Tests showed that her uterus had ruptured because of the pyometra infection and she needed emergency surgery to save her life.

Kay Brough, head nurse at the PDSA’s pet hospital in Tuxford Close, said: "[Pyometra] can sometimes be treated with antibiotics, but will usually recur after the dog’s next season, so it’s best to discuss neutering with your vet as prevention.

"Gypsy was lucky to survive. As well as her operation, she needed intensive care and antibiotics to fight off any remaining infection. We’re all delighted she is well again."

She added that common symptoms of pyometra include lethargy, loss of appetite, sickness, excessive drinking and frequent urination.

Ms Edwards said that Gypsy is like a puppy again now, and loves playing with her other dog and her pet toys.