Labrador saved after road accident

Thursday, 23rd February 2012

A lucky Labrador has been nursed back to full health after a life-saving operation that he needed following a road accident.

Max, the six-year-old dog, was not on his dog collar and lead and he ran after something that caught his attention on being let out of the car.

He went into a road and an oncoming driver was unable to stop in time, leaving Max in a critical condition. Max was taken to the PDSA PetAid hospital on London Road, Derby, where he had to have his leg amputated

Owner Susan Parker said: "I was devastated when PDSA called to tell me they needed to amputate, but relieved that he was going to survive.

"I'm amazed how well he’s coped with losing his leg. He wasn’t keen on walkies at first, which is understandable, and also had difficulty climbing the stairs."

She added that now Max loves going for walks in the park, noting that he is always kept on the lead now.