Labrador Collie cross suffers from over 200 bladder stones

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

The remarkable case of one dog has reminded owners how bladder stones can affect dogs.

Molly, a nine year-old Labrador Collie cross from London, was found to have over 200 bladder stones when her owner took her to a PDSA vet.

“The mass of stones was huge and it was unlikely that Molly would be able to pass these naturally; we needed to operate on her before they led to some very serious complications, as well as being very painful for her,” said PDSA vet Vincent Tsui.

Mr Tsui stressed that owners must keep a close eye on their canine's health and behaviour, responding to even the smallest changes.

Symptoms of bladder stones can include straining or pain when urinating, abdominal discomfort, blood in the urine or the inability to urinate, and even more frequent urination and vomiting.

The stones are caused by not completely emptying the bladder. In such an instance the urine left over crystalises, and eventually forms bladder stones. In addition, diet can be a factor, as a lack of nutrients can change the chemical makeup of urine and make bladder stones more likely.

As such, ensuring your dog is eating good quality dog food and leading a healthy lifestyle could help it to avoid this nasty ailment.