Kitten has surgery to fix broken heart

Friday, 2nd December 2011

A kitten that had a broken heart recovered from surgery with the help of pet medication.

Cloudy, a four-month-old kitten, was found roaming the streets and was taken in by the Blue Cross.

However, it was then discovered that he had a noisy heart murmur and tests showed his heart had not formed properly, a rare condition that meant he would have died early.

Young Shin, Blue Cross veterinary surgeon explained: "Basically, the plumbing of Cloudy’s heart was all wrong. Instead of blood being pumped around his body, as it should have been, some was being pumped back into his heart and lungs."

The operation was successful and once Cloudy is completely better, he will be rehomed.

Neil Edwards, Blue Cross centre manager at Bromsgrove said: "Thankfully he will soon be well enough to come back to the centre so that we can find him the happy ending he deserves."

He added that the charity is grateful that the vet spotted the kitten’s rare condition so he could have the treatment he needed to live.