Kennel Club warns about dangers of dog dancing

Monday, 20th August 2012

The Kennel Club has issued a warning over the popularity of dancing dogs and is to ban certain moves.

Dog dancing surged in popularity after Ashleigh Butler and her pet Pudsey won the TV talent competition Britain's Got Talent.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary, said: "We know that the more people we get into the sport, the more they are going to have to look to other types of moves in order to make an impact.

"We are trying to pre-empt that. The priority is the dog's safety."

One of the moves that have prompted concern over dog safety is the wheelbarrow, where the dog’s back legs are held by the owner and the animal walks on its front legs. This move can cause damage to the dog's back and pelvis.

New regulations will also limit the amount of clothing a dog is allowed to wear, as the Kennel Club wishes to stop what it believes would be "demeaning" for the dog.