Justin Bieber's hamster is top of the tweets

Thursday, 14th March 2013

They say that when a celebrity passes away their fame grows, and the same certainly appears to be true of Justin Bieber's pet hamster, who become one of the trendiest animals around after causing a global stampede of tweets.

The rodent, named Pac, become one of the top trending subjects on Twitter following his death earlier this week, with fans across the world taking to the social media site to post messages of condolence with the hashtag #RIPPac.

Bieber gifted the hamster to a fan named Victoria McClure outside a concert in Atlanta, Georgia, back in December, although the pet's new owner had the unfortunate task of telling the world that the animal has now passed away.

The life expectancy of hamsters is not always easy to predict, with some living up to eight years, although most tend to live for around three or four. Regular trips to the vet and doses of specific pet medications can help to keep a rodent happy and healthy long into old age.