Hilary Duff's pooch in need of pet meds

Friday, 10th June 2011

US actress Hilary Duff has revealed that her pooch is in need of pet meds after being taken ill.

Duff, who recently got married, told fans following her on social networking website Twitter about her pet Lola's condition.

She wrote: "Hi hi,Please say prayers for my little pup Lola!She is having seizure over and over and I am basically having a nervous break down. This sucks."

After receiving a host of kind messages from fans over her dog's illness, Duff thanked them and gave an update on her four-legged friend's condition.

"Oh I seriously love you guys! Thank you for all the sweet messages. She is on a medication now and hopefully it will start to work," she tweeted.

The 23-year-old's extreme reaction to her pet's condition may not come as a surprise to other pet owners in the US.

A recent survey by The Harris Poll showed that 91 per cent of owners in the US believe their pet is a member of the family.