Glucosamine for dogs 'minimises joint pain'

Wednesday, 21st November 2012

Joint pain in later life can be particularly troublesome for older dogs and regular, varied exercise can help alleviate many of the problems that could potentially be experienced later on, Alisa Manzelli from Global Animal has advised.

Exercise is essential for dogs and can help minimise their risk of joint pain in later life. However, it is important that pets are getting the right kind of exercise as constant running and jumping can impact on their joints.

Maintaining good levels of glucosamine for dogs is essential for their development. Glucosamine for dogs is a particularly effective supplement that can help treat your dog's mobility issues, rebuilding cartilage and lubricating the joint.

But it is also important to include variety in your dog's exercise regime. Swimming can be particularly beneficial, and taking your dog with you when you cycle can also help.

Other more varied exercise ideas include hide and seek and dancing with dogs, which may seem a little peculiar to begin with but the health benefits will be ultimately rewarding for your canine counterpart.