Get pet insurance to cover costs of pet meds

Friday, 24th June 2011

Animal charity the RSPCA has urged pet owners to get insurance as this will cover the costs of pet meds if a dog or cat is taken ill.

Andy Robbins, RSPCA senior national press officer, said: "If you choose not to insure your pet, you are putting yourself at risk of being presented with often large and unexpected vet bills.

"You never know when your pet will need medical attention, be it routine or emergency, and not having proper insurance leaves both of you vulnerable of some very nasty surprises."

He added that insurance often covers the cost of vet treatment and pet drugs, giving owners' peace of mind.

Cat owners have recently been urged to keep their moggies away from lilies, as this can prove fatal to felines.

It was reported in the Eastbourne Herald that a local cat passed away after eating a part of the toxic plant.