Firemen save dog and two hamsters from blaze

Wednesday, 6th June 2012

A dog and two hamsters are lucky to be alive after being rescued from a blaze by firemen in Wigan.

Lucky the dog and two hamsters were rescued from a fire spotted by an off-duty firefighter, reports

The family who lived in the house, Julie Hughes and her two children, arrived home to find firefighters tackling the blaze.

Ian Gardener, Atherton Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service watch manager, told the news provider: "The young lad came round the front of our fire engine and was very worried about their pet dog.

"We found him cowering in the kitchen, which is where the fire started behind the washing machine."

However, there were also two hamsters in the house who had inhaled a great deal of smoke.

“We made a make-shift oxygen tent out of a small plastic bag and gave both hamsters a small amount of oxygen and they both came round,” Mr Gardener added.

If there is a fire in a property, it is advised that you do not try to save pets, but rather escape first and then call the emergency services.