Family 'disgusted' after cat kicked to death

Wednesday, 14th September 2011

Despite the best efforts of vets and pet medication, a cat died from severe injuries caused by someone kicking it.

Alan Tear and Leanne Thomas, from Little Sutton, have revealed how they feel "disgusted" and upset that someone could have attacked their pet cat, Misty, reports the Elsmere Port Pioneer.

Sean Moran of Littlecroft Veterinary Practice, who treated Misty, told the news provider: "Her injuries … are consistent with being caused by blunt force trauma such as a hard kick, which is the likely cause.

"Her internal organs were bruised so badly that her little body just couldn't recover. The impact was so severe it affected most of her internal organs and split her spleen into two."

Mr Tear added that he has been left speechless and that the perpetrator has taken away their beloved pet.

Last year, the RSPCA investigated 159,686 animal cruelty complaints and secured 2,441 convictions.

On average, the charity receives a call on its 24-hour cruelty line every 30 seconds.