Expert offers tips on flea treatment

Tuesday, 10th May 2011

Pet owners may be pleased to hear that an expert has offered some advice regarding flea treatment for your pet.

Wendy Diamond, TV personality and pet lifestyle expert, wrote an article about flea treatment for the Huffington Post.

She wrote: "It's important to protect them from these creepy, crawly pests.

"It is especially important to protect your pets from fleas since they are able to eat up to fifteen times their own body weight - meaning that if a dog or cat goes untreated they could suffer from loss of blood if not properly looked after."

Ms Diamond added that one way to check to see if your cat or dog has fleas is to watch out to any excessive itching, if they experience hair loss or if they get pale-looking gums.

She suggests that people pick a trusted treatment, such as frontline flea treatment, as this will help to protect your pet and keep them healthy.

Fleas generally tend to feed on the blood of cats and dogs.