Expert offers advice on feral kittens

Thursday, 16th August 2012

While feral kittens may not be the cuddly lap cats some people want, they can still make great pets, a vet has said.

Jo Inglis, writing for the Metro, explained that having feral kittens can take a lot of patience and the best way to socialise them is to gradually get them used to your company.

He said you should back off if they seem sacred or aggressive and in some cases, feral cats will always be nervous of people.

The vet also noted that it is important to get them the pet meds they need. He wrote: "The first priority should be to treat them for worms with a good-quality worming tablet or solution.

"You should also treat them for fleas and plan to have them neutered at six months of age."

Feral kittens are animals that are born in the wild and miss out on the handling that those born in a home normally get. The lack of human contact leaves them wary of people and nervous.