East Yorkshire owners warned following cliff fall

Tuesday, 21st February 2012

Owners in East Yorkshire should make sure their pets' dog collar and lead is on securely while walking them near cliffs.

This advice follows a tragic accident, where a dog had to be put down after falling down a cliff at Sewerby, reports thisishullandeastriding.co.uk.

Ray Allerston, East Riding councillor, is now calling for signs to be put up on the cliffs urging people to keep their dogs on their leads.

He told the news provider: "Day-trippers let their dogs have a run on grassy areas on the cliff tops thinking they are safe, but they are really very dangerous places.

"A dog only needs to charge after a rabbit or a bird and it could fall over the cliff, as happened on Saturday."

The Boarder Collie who fell down the cliff was taken to the vet for emergency treatment but they were unable to save the animal.

Mr Allerston added that action needs to be taken to protect both animals and their owners, as this is not a one-off incident.