Dog drugs may be needed to cure bad breath

Friday, 21st January 2011

Dog drugs may be needed to cure the cause of bad breath, according to an expert.

A spokesperson for US pet news website expressed their belief that, although bad breath may simply be a sign of poor dental hygiene, it can also mean that the dog is suffering from an illness.

They said: "Take your dog to the veterinarian to be checked out, especially if the bad breath just started or just got worse in recent days or weeks. Sometimes bad breath is just a hygiene issue, but it also can signal an underlying illness that might not have any other symptoms.

"If your dog is diagnosed with an illness, follow your vet's instructions on care. Give it medication if needed and feed any diet that's recommended."

The spokesperson added that dogs should be fed a rich and varied diet of different dog foods and even homemade treats.

However, dogs can not eat many of the foods which humans do and so advises owners to purchase a pet recipe book to ensure they do not harm their animal.