Dog dies after being dragged around by Porsche

Tuesday, 22nd November 2011

Pet medication was not enough to save a dog that had be tied to the bumper of a Porsche and driven around for half-an-hour.

The Beagle-Collie cross was found dead after a witness said they saw a dog tied to a black Porsche Carrera being driven around the Devils Dyke car park in Brighton.

Half-a-hour later, the car was spotted dragging the dead animal along the A27 westbound passed the Southwick Tunnel.

The driver then pulled into a layby and dumped the animal’s body. Police found the dog and took it to a local vet

Police constable Scott Walters said: "This is being treated as a deliberate act. The injuries this dog suffered were horrific."

The dog has been identified but police have been unable to contact its owner.

An RSPCA spokesman told the Daily Mirror: "This was an unbelievable thing to do to an animal. It would have suffered both physically and mentally during its ordeal."