Diabetic Dachshund almost dies after eating chocolate

Thursday, 15th December 2011

Pet owners have been urged not to let their animals get at any Christmas chocolates over the festive season after a diabetic dog almost died from his sweet tooth.

Donald, a Dachshund, was treated with pet medication at the Blue Cross’s Merton animal hospital last Christmas.

Owner Margaret Nally said: “I had left the chocolates on the table and they weren’t even opened but somehow Donald got up there, ripped open the packaging and ate the lot.

“ I knew chocolate was toxic for dogs so I immediately took him to The Blue Cross hospital where they made him sick and put him on a drip.”

Donald was given emergency treatment with activated charcoal in order to absorb the toxins in chocolate.

Earlier this week, vets at the hospital removed a number of chocolate coin wrappers from a dog’s stomach. They are thought to have been there since last Christmas.