Deaf arthritic dog strikes fear into postmen

Thursday, 13th October 2011

A 15-year-old dog - who may well be on pet medication as he is deaf and arthritic - has been striking fear into the hearts of local postmen.

Royal Mail in Stockport, Greater Manchester, threatened to stop delivering post to pensioner Ann Ryan, 72, because her dog Bobby was "menacing" postmen.

Ms Ryan said: "Bobby can hardly walk with his arthritis.

"If a postman is frightened of a dog barking they should get a new job. Bobby is not a menace, he is good natured and exceptionally good with children."

She added that the letter she received from Royal Mail was "red tape gone mad", saying that barking is what dogs to do to protect their property.

A spokeswoman from Royal Mail said that she was sorry if Ms Ryan was upset by the letter sent from the office on Green Lane in Heaton Norris.

"We are, of course, continuing to deliver all mail to this address," she said.