Consider finances 'before getting a pet'

Thursday, 9th August 2012

It is very important people consider the financial implications of getting an animal before getting one, an expert has said.

A spokeswoman for the Pet Experience, which provides dog training and pet behavioural services, explained that potential owners should investigate their preferred pet thoroughly to ensure they can afford it.

She said people should also research possible health issues associated with certain breeds and work out if they can pay for the pet meds and insurance it may require.

"Rescue centres are full of pets whose owners got them on a whim and then realised they were too costly or too much work," the spokeswoman said.

"People should research their potential pet thoroughly in terms of breed, likely health issues and understanding the basics of behaviour before getting any pet."

Those owners who do start to struggle financially should contact charities that can help, she said, but noted that people need to realise a pet is for life and should take this responsibility seriously.