Cod liver oil 'can help with fur balls'

Friday, 20th January 2012

Cod liver oil pet medication could help a cat that may be suffering from fur balls, a vet has said.

Joe Inglis, a vet writing for the Metro, was asked by a reader about her cat, Dixie, who throws up about once every two weeks.

Pam Marsden said that her cat is fed sensitive dried cat food but she still gets an upset stomach.

In response, Dr Inglis wrote: "As Dixie is well and the vomiting is relatively infrequent, I would not be too concerned and think serious diagnoses such as kidney problems, gastritis or major intestinal obstruction are very unlikely.

"It is worth treating her for possible fur balls with a cod liver oil paste."

However, he added that if the vomiting becomes more frequent or she develops other symptoms, such as weight loss or diarrhoea, then Dixie should go to the vet.

Cats are particularly prone to fur balls because they groom themselves and ingest hair by doing so.