Clean up that mess! War on dog poo heats up

Monday, 21st January 2013

A survey of residents in East Devon has revealed dog mess to be the number one grievance in the area, ahead of crime and speeding motorists, according to the Sidmouth Herald.

This is now the fifth consecutive year that irresponsible dog ownership has topped the poll of residents' complaints, and evidence suggests that the problem is a growing concern in other areas of the country too.

Craigavon council in Northern Ireland has announced plans to introduce a zero tolerance policy to dog fouling, with on-the-spot fines of up to £50 for owners who allow their pets to do their business in public places without cleaning it up.

The decision comes in response to growing numbers of complaints from locals about the state of public parks and footpaths, and the council is now planning to launch a promotional campaign to educate owners about the dangers of dog fouling.

Animal mess can be a serious health hazard, transmitting diseases and parasites to both humans and other pets.

For this reason it is essential to always clean up after your dog, and also to keep their intestines healthy with pet medications and worming tablets, therefore reducing the risk of spreading parasites.