Charity warns pet owners over bad internet advice

Monday, 20th June 2011

The Blue Cross animal charity has urged pet owners about bad advice about pet medication issued over the internet.

This warning follows a case where a cat owner gave her kitty paracetamol after reading an online blog saying this would take away swelling in her mouth.

Paracetamol is highly toxic to felines and eventually led to Kerry the cat needing a blood transfusion.

Alison Thomas, Blue Cross senior vet, says: "You can find an answer to most things with a quick internet search but pet owners should only use a trusted source like a reputable animal welfare organisation's website. Always contact your vet before giving pets any medication.

"Kerry's owners had the best intentions but the advice they took could have ended in tragedy."

She added that it is important that owners do not let instances like this happen to their beloved pets.

The Blue Cross was established in 1897. It provides support for owners who cannot afford private treatment for their animals.