Charity warns about cat collars

Thursday, 14th July 2011

Kitty owners may end up having to fork out for pet medication if they do not take some advice on board regarding cat collars.

The RSPCA is urging owners to buy quick release collars, as there can be horrible consequences if a cat gets caught in its collar, reports the North-West Evening Mail.

This announcement follows two cases where cats have gotten caught in their collars, with one case ending in the moggy having to have its leg amputated.

Susan Pilkington, the RSPCA's advice centre manager in Barrow, told the news provider: "When buying a collar for your cat, make sure it is a quick release one, otherwise there could be horrific consequences.

"Ordinary collars can easily get caught, but quick release ones do as they suggest and snap open if the collar gets hooked on a branch, snagged on a fence or caught on a latch."

Tim Miller, principal vet at Grove Veterinary Centre, added that he does not recommend collars as a form of identification, claiming that micro-chipping is much more effective and safe.