Charity urges people not to panic after rabies case confirmed

Friday, 25th May 2012

Dogs Trust has urged people not to panic after reports of a case of rabies were confirmed in Britain.

Reports suggest that the disease was contracted by the patient from a puppy in India, so the chance of it entering the British pet population is low.

However, the charity is suggesting people take extra measures when travelling abroad with their pet, including a trip to the vet before their voyage.

Dogs Trust say that the new relaxed rules on travelling with pets introduced earlier this year could expose people and animals to an increased risk of infections diseases, so is urging people to take note of what is required when taking a pet abroad.

Paula Boyden, veterinary director of the charity, said they are currently waiting for the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs to confirm its contingency plans and plans to raise awareness of the diseases associated with taking pets abroad.

"We would also strongly advise the public to speak to their veterinary surgeon before travelling abroad with their pet and to be mindful of all the necessary precautions required," she added.