Charity offers advice on pets in cold weather

Friday, 3rd February 2012

To avoid the need for pet medication, there are a number of steps owners can take to keep their pet healthy during the cold weather.

This week, temperatures across the country plummeted and snow is predicted in some areas. The charity said that animals can struggle in these conditions as much as people do.

It suggests that dogs can benefit from wearing a dog coat when outdoors. It is also a good idea to keep them away from lakes or ponds that may have frozen to avoid them falling in.

Cats should not be shut out of the house for long periods of time and should have access to warmth and shelter.

Rabbits and guinea pigs, the RSPCA says, may need extra shelter and could benefit from being moved into a garage or shed.

RSPCA wildlife scientist Sophie Adwick said: "There may be many animals out there in need of our help and the more we can do to help them through this chilly period the better. The small things can make all the difference."