Cat survives 20ft fall

Thursday, 19th April 2012

A cat from West Lothian used up one of his nine lives and was lucky not to need pet meds after falling 20ft from a flat in Bathgate.

The Scottish SPCA rescued the cat from a basement after office workers in a nearby property saw the animal stuck there.

The charity is now trying to find the owner of the black and white male cat, which they have nicknamed Barrie.

Connie O'Neill, animal rescue officer, said: "I'm quite sure Barrie is a house cat as he was literally scared-stiff to be outdoors and didn't move a muscle when I approached him.

"He's been checked over and thankfully he has no injuries despite his fall. There are lots of flats in the area so it's possible he has escaped from a balcony or window."

She added that Barrie is very friendly and is in good condition so he is clearly someone's pet.

Anyone who recognises Barrie has been asked to contact the animal helpline on 03000 999 999.