Cat saves her kittens by giving blood

Wednesday, 4th January 2012

A pair of kittens that were not given pet medication for fleas almost died after they became anaemic from the parasites feeding on their tiny bodies.

However, they made a miraculous recovery after it was found their mother was a positive blood match and could be used to give the kittens an emergency transfusion, reports

Owner Louise Heron, 18, from Mitcham, told the news provider: "I didn't realise this could happen and I urge anyone with a pet to get them treated for fleas. It would be horrible to lose kittens or a cat through something like this."

Louise Newman, a vet nurse at the Blue Cross, which provided the treatment, added that this case shows just how important it is to ensure pets are treated for fleas on a regular basis.

She said lack of treatment can lead to serious infections and, in some cases, even death.

After the transfusion, the kittens were strong enough to recover so they could feed again.