Cat recovering after skin cancer causes her to lose ears

Wednesday, 22nd August 2012

Pet sun cream can help to reduce the risk of your animal developing a form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

That is according to the Blue Cross, who recently had to remove a stray cat's ears after she was found to have this form of cancer.

The cat, Gracie, is now recovering well and has now been rehomed with her sister Lil.

Claire Thomas, animal welfare assistant at the charity, said: "Fortunately it rarely spreads but we carried out a precautionary X-ray to check that the tumour had been completely isolated and Gracie needed an operation to remove her ears."

Squamous cell carcinoma most commonly affects cats with white ears and noses. Owners can help reduce the risk by keeping their cats indoors on hot days and apply sun cream to their skin.

If there is a change to your cat's skin pigmentation, you should contact a vet as soon as possible, the charity said.