Cat loses leg after getting caught in rabbit trap

Wednesday, 20th June 2012

A cat from Leicestershire has had to have its leg amputated after getting it caught in a rabbit trap.

Richard and Lisa Bacon's cat, Poppy, returned home with her back leg mangled. Vets said her leg was too badly damaged to be saved, reports

The couple believe that Poppy was caught by a rabbit trap laid to stop them from digging holes in fields.

Ms Bacon told the news provider: "She used to be an independent and active cat, always outdoors. To see her lying there now just sleeping, we feel so sad for her.

"I know the rabbits need to be caught, but I wish that they would just use traps which larger animals such as cats can't get into."

This news follows a warning issued by the Blue Cross after a cat from Devon was found caught in an illegal snare that had been left in a residential street.

Blue Cross centre manager Tim Sillis said that it is "horrifying" that someone left the trap out and it is lucky someone found the cat in time to save him.