Cat caught under car bonnet for 17 miles

Thursday, 15th September 2011

A cat was lucky it didn't need pet medication after being stuck under the bonnet of a moving car for 17 miles.

Diane Findlay from anchory, Aberdeenshire, drove into Aberdeen for an appointment without realising one-year-old Kenzie was stuck under the bonnet.

She told the news provider: "There was a strange smell like burning and I thought I must get the car checked out later.

"I eventually parked, locked the car, and then heard this 'miaow' and thought 'oh no, I do not believe it'."

Ms Findlay had a nearby man open the bonnet and they discovered Kenzie lying on the cylinder head gasket.

"Her back legs were a little singed. I cancelled my appointment and drove her home."

She added that she now feels "paranoid" about driving anywhere.

According to the Mirror, in March a cat got stuck under a car bonnet and managed to survive a 30 mile trip. It was found after meows were heard.