Cat and dog flea treatments 'not the same', expert warns.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

A vet has warned pet owners that dog flea treatments and cat flea treatments are not the same thing and should not be used on an animal it is not intended for.

Vet Gillian McLeod made this warning after seeing a cat that had been given dog flea treatment by accident, reports

She explained that the cat in question needed 48 hours of intensive care, during which time she had to be supported with intravenous fluids and heat pads.

According to Dr McLeod, the moggy was lucky to survive.

The vet told the news provider: "Generally speaking, products suitable for dogs are not suitable for cats but I have seen some brands that have a product for cats and small dogs which may further confuse the issue and give owners the impression that all products are interchangeable."

She added that staff at vet practices can offer advice on what product is appropriate for their animal.