Burglars microwave kitten to death

Wednesday, 7th December 2011

Sick burglars killed a kitten by microwaving it because the owners had nothing of value for them to steal.

The body of the ten week old kitten was discovered after owner came home. It was too late for vet treatment and pet medication.

Police think the burglars killed the kitten, Adele, after ransacking the Warwickshire home and finding nothing.

Police constable Ben Hood, from Warwickshire Police: "This was a cowardly act which will have caused indescribable suffering to a helpless animal."

A spokesperson from the RSPCA added: "We are horrified to hear of this horrendous act of cruelty inflicted on a defenceless young animal and would urge anyone with information about who was responsible for such a heinous crime to please come forward."

The incident happened between Saturday November 26th and the early hours of November 27th. Another burglary took place in a nearby property over a similar time period.