Bullmastiff killed in 'sadistic' attack

Wednesday, 2nd November 2011

Pet meds were unable to save a Bullmastiff that suffered a "sadistic" attack in its neighbour's flat.

Missy, a four-year-old family pet from Birmingham, appears to have escaped from its garden and chased a cat into the nearby flat, reports birminghammail.net.

Owner Penny Green said the RSPCA had refused to give back Missy's body because of its wounds.

Ms Green was told the resident of the flat was forced to stop Missy attacking the cat.

She told the news provider: "They said it was in a terrible state and they also needed to carry out an autopsy.

"Whoever did this is a complete sadist.

"Bullmastiffs have a fearsome reputation but Missy, although she was a big dog, was quiet and calm and would not hurt anyone."

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said that the bodies of a cat and a dog were removed from the flat and taken to a vet for examination. She added that because it is an ongoing investigation, further details cannot be released.

The RSPCA has the ability to prosecute those found to be mistreating animals.