Brits spend £326 per year looking after sick animals

Thursday, 6th October 2011

Brits appear to be very willing to buy pet medication and take time off work to look after their animal if it gets sick.

That is according to research by The Co-operative Insurance, which revealed the average owner will spend £326 every year taking care of their poorly animal.

Lee Mooney, head of Pet Insurance at the firm, said: "As pets are at the heart of the family, owners are spending considerable amounts of time and money to nurse their animals back to full strength.

"Not only do owners need to take time off work to take their pets to the vets, many are also choosing to forego work by taking emergency leave and booking holidays to care for their pets."

He added that treatment from vets is not cheap, so with winter coming up it is very important owners have insurance in case their pet needs specialist treatment.

Research showed that 60 per cent of pets have needed vet treatment during their lifetime, with 21 per cent being taken to the vet in the last year alone.