Britons urged to seek treatment for pets with skin conditions

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

UK pet owners should seek treatments for their pets if they have a skin condition, it has been claimed.

Iain Booth, a veterinary surgeon, expressed his belief that skin is as vital to animals as it is to humans as it protects pets from disease and infections.

He told "Not only does a skin irritation impact your pet's health, but it can also severely change his or her personality as the itching and discomfort associated with a skin problem can make your pet stressed, moody and reluctant to be stroked.

"It is highly recommended that you see your vet for a thorough clinical work up to determine the cause of your pet's skin irritation and then implement a treatment process."

According to website, smaller pets with skin problems should be administered medicine which contains Ivermectin, a substance which kills both internal and external parasites.