British Bulldog put down after owner did not supply pet meds needed

Wednesday, 5th October 2011

A dog suffering from a number of health problems had to be put to sleep because its owner did not provide it with the pet medication it required.

Bruno, a British Bulldog from Plymouth, was put to sleep after RSPCA inspectors found him in "very poor condition", reports

The vet found Bruno to have sores on his ears, eyes, tail and feet, along with other health problems.

Bruno's owner, from Whitleigh, was banned from keeping animals for life but was not jailed for the abuse because of health problems he suffered himself.

The magistrates are quoted as saying: "This bench is quite shocked to see the photographs of that poor animal.

"It is a very serious case of animal distress. Because of your personal circumstances we are going to depart from our guidelines as you could have gone to prison today."

In 2010, the RSPCA investigated 159,686 animal cruelty complaints.