Boys saves pet dog with kiss of life

Tuesday, 5th July 2011

A lucky pooch is recovering well with the help of pet medication thanks to being given the kiss of life after he almost drowned.

Dean Allen, 15, saw that his Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bronk had become caught underwater, so he jumped into the river to pull him out onto the river bank, reports the Daily Mail.

Seeing that Bronk was not breathing, the schoolboy remembered the CPR training he had received at school and began pumping his chest and breathing into the pooch's nose.

Dean's mother Julie told the news provider about the rescue. She said: "I am just so proud of my son for what he has done.

"Bronk threw up some water and it saved his life. We kept an eye on him and then took him to the vets where he was kept in an oxygen tent. He was given medication and he is recovering well."

Dean added that Bronk is one of the family so he had to do what he could to save him.