Boxer dies after rescuing owner from house fire

Thursday, 3rd November 2011

A Boxer in the US was not able to be treated with pet medication after saving his owner's life from a house fire.

Scott Dunn, from Georgia, said his dog, Duncan, was the "best dog in the world". The animal woke him from his sleep after a fire broke out in their home.

In the confusion, Duncan slipped out of his collar and by the time Mr Dunn realised, he could not get back into the house to rescue him because of the flames.

The firemen bought the dog's body out of the house after putting out the fire and he was buried in the back garden.

Mr Dunnsaid: "You wouldn't recognise him, but I still leaned down, gave him a hug and gave him a kiss, and four or five of the fire department guys started crying, but I wasn't going to let my boy go out like that. That’s my boy."