Border Collie is Britain's most cowardly dog

Wednesday, 7th December 2011

Pet medication may help Britain's most cowardly dog get over his intense fear of cats, the dark and being alone.

Bentley, a six-year-old Border Collie, developed monophobia, which is a fear of being alone, after his first owner died in 2009.

He then became scared of everything, so much so that his new owners were unable to cope and had to give him back to Dogs Trust. Staff at the charity take him home at night so that he is not on his own.

His phobia is so extreme that Bentley began biting his nails and has to wear special mittens to stop him doing it.

Sandra Wilson, manager of the Kenilworth kennels, said: "He is afraid of everything when he is left on his own for even a minute. He can’t stand being in a dark room and he doesn’t like going out for walks at night without good street lighting.

"He is probably the most cowardly dog in Britain - but he will make a lovely pet."