Bond with your pet while grooming them

Monday, 7th February 2011

Grooming is a great way to bond with your pet while also keeping their coat and skin healthy.

That is according to Dr Karen Budd, who made these comments in an article on

Dr Budd claims that there are a number of things to consider before starting your grooming routine - such as making sure you have your cat shampoo near you so you do not get caught out mid-bath.

She suggests that there are a few key items required before starting, including grooming brushes, blunt-tipped scissors, shampoo, conditioner, a sponge and towels.

"Brushing the coat thoroughly is important before bathing, because knots and tangles become much tougher to shift once they're wet.

"Brushing helps to loosen and remove any shed fur, making washing and drying easier and reducing hair around your home," she wrote.

When it comes to the bath, Dr Budd claims that dog owners should use their fingers or a rubber brush and massage the dog shampoo into the skin as well as the fur and to use a damp sponge for around the face.

Finally, she says that after a grooming session, owners can relax with a clean and shiny pet curled up next to them.