Blue Cross to host Vet Surgery Live

Friday, 30th March 2012

Many dogs end up requiring pet medication because they get Lungworm and, as a result, the Blue Cross is to host a live broadcast to raise awareness of the disease.

Vets’ Surgery Live will show TV vet Luke Gamble and Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves answering questions from pet owners from the charity’s animal hospital.

The show, which will take place from 4pm on Monday, April 2nd, is part of Be Lungworm Aware Month.

The presenters will be helping dog owners spot the causes and symptoms of the potentially fatal disease and provide information on how to avoid the parasite. They will also be taking questions about how to keep dogs happy and healthy.

Symptoms of Lungworm include breathing problems, general sickness, poor blood-clotting and changes in behaviour.

Lungworm is a parasite that lives in the heart and major blood vessels of dogs. It is caused by slugs and snails and is normally contracted when dogs eat these animals while rummaging around, eating grass, drinking from puddles or picking them up from dog toys.