Bloodhound given tummy tuck and facelift to cure skin condition

Tuesday, 6th March 2012

A Bloodhound has been given a new lease of life with £10,000 worth of cosmetic surgery and pet medication after suffering from a rare skin condition.

Five-year-old Junior had a condition that caused him to develop excess skin, which eventually led to him being blinded by the extra skin, reports the Daily Mail.

As a result, his owners decided to put him in for surgery to remove the excess skin on his face and around his belly.

Denise Smart from Selby, North Yorkshire, told the news provider: "It's taken years off him and he does look like a young man again.

"Before the operation he was fed up and looked like a grumpy old man. Now he's more mobile and he's got a new lease of life."

She added that if they had not had insurance to pay for the operation, she and her husband would have paid out the money themselves as Junior is like a child to them.