Blind abandoned Poodle regains eyesight

Monday, 14th November 2011

Pet medication was used to help nurse a blind abandoned dog back to health after it was found wandering the streets bumping into objects.

Shari, the two-year-old Poodle, was found wandering on the Bwlch mountain in Wales, and was then taken to the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Bridgend.

The animal was found with a five-year-old King Charles Spaniel, named Larry, who also had to have emergency treatment to save his eyes.

Beverley Price, Dogs Trust rehoming centre manager, said: "Both Shari and Larry were in a desperate state and had clearly been poorly for some time. Shari's eyes were completely crusted over and she was in considerable discomfort.

"When she was finally able to see she immediately became excitable and responded to her carers, which was incredibly moving."

She added that staff are concerned that more owners will abandoned in the run up to Christmas as they cannot afford their pets anymore.

This follows an announcement from Battersea Cats & Dogs, which said it has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of owners giving up their animals because they cannot afford them anymore.