Be aware that cats get allergies too!

Monday, 16th April 2012

Pet owners have been reminded that cats get allergies too, which may include reactions to dust, mould, pollen, fleas and even pet food.

While many cats can live with fleas, it is best to control them with frontline for cats, as they can be allergic to their bites leading them to scratch excessively or to develop skin disease.

It is even more important to get rid of fleas if a kitten has them, as they suck a cat's blood and can make young felines weak and anaemic as a result, according to the Feline Advisory Bureau.

The SC Times Pet Column gave some tips on how to combat other cat allergies, which like human allergies have no cure but can be prevented.

If a cat is allergic to pollen, as shown by excessive biting of their skin and sneezing, owners would be wise to wipe their pet's paws as they come indoors after spending the day outside when the pollen count is high.