Animal healthcare can benefit humans too

Thursday, 21st February 2013

Any responsible pet owner will tell you that animals should always be kept healthy in order to improve their quality of life and overall happiness, although unfortunately some people still refuse to provide their furry companions with the full range of necessary pet medications in an attempt to save money.

However, one leading pet health official has spoken out this week over the need to keep animals in good health due to the direct positive effects this can have on the human population.

Declan O'Brien, managing director IFAH-Europe, which represents manufacturers of veterinary medications and vaccines, says that 60 per cent of all infectious diseases in people actually originate in animals, which is why it is important to eliminate illness in pets in order to protect ourselves.

While most owners understand that it is a no-brainer to get their pet vaccinated against diseases such as rabies, the sad fact is that in a number of European countries animals are not regularly inoculated. When adopting a new pet, it's always important to provide them with the full range of necessary injections, while also keeping them well supplied with other essential medications throughout their life.