Allergies in pets 'can be difficult to diagnose'

Friday, 10th August 2012

It can be difficult to work out what sort of pet medication will help with your pets allergies.

Blue Cross chief vet Caroline Reay explained that allergies in pets can be hard to diagnoses as looking at patterns of disease is not a reliable way.

She said that allergies to pollen, flea bites and pet food are all common and can happen at the same time.

When it comes to pet food, it is normally the proteins within the food such as chicken or lamb that causes the problem and low allergy products are available to buy.

Dr Reay wrote: "A truly low allergy diet has stringent requirements, not just 'pure' or 'organic' ingredients.

"It must be composed of one type of meat or fish (lamb or duck, or coley or salmon), preferably something outside the usual diet so the animal isn’t already allergic."

The vet added that susceptible animals can become allergic to more substances over time and that if you are concerned then you should seek medical advice.