Max and Bella still most popular dog names

Thursday, 17th January 2013

A new list of the most popular dog names of 2012 has revealed no change at the top, with Bella still the most common name for female puppies and Max holding on to the number one spot for males.

However, traditional names such as Rex and Rover are continuing to fade into obscurity, indicating an increasing trend for owners to give their pets human names rather than those perceived to be dog names.

This would seem to provide greater evidence that pet owners are increasingly viewing their animals as part of the family, and are keen to break down any barriers between the two-legged and four-legged members of the household.

Popular culture also appears to have an influence over dog names, as the popularity of 'Bella' seems to have coincided with the release of the Twilight movie saga, and first rose to the number one spot in 2006, shortly after the first film in the series came out.

However, while Bella the vampire may enjoy a nice glass of blood, we suggest feeding your pets with appropriate brands of pet food, such as Hill and Burns.