Kangaroo Dundee makes TV debut

Thursday, 24th January 2013

An Australian animal lover nicknamed Kangaroo Dundee is to appear in a new BBC documentary which aims to highlight his work as a carer for abandoned joeys in the outback.

Chris Barnes single-handedly built his own animal reserve, including the digging of a 2.5 mile long trench around its perimeter, after giving up his life in Sydney to live on site in a wooden shed with no heating or running water.

Mr Barnes says he feels more like a mum than a dad to the baby kangaroos, feeding them every four hours and letting them sleep at the end of his bed.

He even takes them on regular trips to the supermarket to stock up on food and other supplies.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Dudley Zoological Gardens' top attraction has been gaining even more attention than usual as a result of the wintry weather.

Daseep the Sumatran tiger has been entertaining visitors and staff alike by refusing to stay indoors and instead venturing out to play in the snow.

Having taken a shine to the rather un-tiger-like game of snowball catch, Daseep will be hoping for yet more snow this weekend.