It’s official: Dogs and cliffs really don’t mix

Tuesday, 5th February 2013

Dog owners in coastal areas who take their pets for walks near cliffs should be warned that animals can easily become distracted and end up falling over the edge, which is why it may be worthwhile keeping them on the lead in dangerous spots.

Animal charities have been spreading the message after a springer spaniel named Buddy had a lucky escape when he took a tumble over the edge of a cliff in the Naze on the east coast of England.

Coastguards and the fire brigade were called to the scene by Buddy’s worried owners, although luckily the rescue operation was a success and the dog was retrieved safe and sound.

Pets can easily be led to the edges of cliffs by following the scent of other animals or when chasing balls and sticks, which is why owners should always be particularly careful when walking with animals in these areas.